EVM’s Perspective on the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

The European Vaccine Manufacturers (EVM) fully endorse the European Commission’s initiative to establish a European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. EVM has actively supported this initiative by facilitating constructive discussions among stakeholders. We organized a workshop dedicated to communicable disease surveillance, held at the European Parliament on November 5, 2002.

EVM is eager to collaborate with the European Commission, offering the expertise of its member companies and their extensive experience in close cooperation within Europe and beyond, working alongside various communicable disease surveillance agencies and related health authorities.

As part of our commitment to this endeavor, EVM conducted a comprehensive review among its members to gather valuable feedback on crucial activities and features that they believe should be consolidated or mobilized by a European center. These inputs can be categorized into five key areas of focus:

  1. Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Disease Statistics
  2. Monitoring of Disease Prevention and Control Measures
  3. Effective Communication and the Sharing of Best Practices
  4. Training and Capacity Building
  5. Rapid Response to Outbreaks and Enhanced Coordination

EVM is dedicated to contributing to the success of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and we look forward to collaborating closely to strengthen disease prevention and control efforts in Europe and beyond.