About European Vaccine Manufacturers (EVM) EVM Mission

Our mission at EVM is to create a supportive environment for improved vaccine protection and coverage, benefiting both individuals and communities. We are dedicated to promoting research and development in vaccines to address new challenges and innovative applications against infectious diseases and other health threats. Additionally, we strive to foster a favorable policy climate for the vaccine industry in Europe, enabling the development and distribution of new vaccines worldwide.

EVM Structure EVM operates under a governance structure that includes a General Assembly, convening once a year, with two representatives from each member company. Furthermore, we have an EVM Board, elected by the General Assembly, which defines our strategy and policies in alignment with EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) policies.

EVM Board Officers Our dedicated board officers include:

  • President: Patrick Florent (GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals)
  • Vice-President: Didier Hoch (Sanofi Pasteur MSD)
  • Treasurer: Jacques Berger (Sanofi Pasteur)

Members of EVM:

  • Andrew Ferguson (Crucell)
  • Alexandra Fischer (MedImmune)
  • Karen Huebscher (Novartis Vaccines)
  • Sjirk Kok (Solvay Biologicals)
  • Silvia Steyrer (Baxter)

Working Group Chairpersons:

  • Guy Demol (Sanofi Pasteur MSD) – Chair of Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance Working Group
  • Christelle Saint Sardos (Sanofi Pasteur MSD) – Interim Chair of Market Access Working Group
  • Bernard Fritzell (Wyeth) – Chair of Clinical and R&D Working Group
  • Bernadette Hendrickx (Sanofi Pasteur) – Chair of Regulatory Working Group
  • Luc Hessel (Sanofi Pasteur MSD) – Chair of Public Health Policy and Advocacy working group
  • Serge Montero (Sanofi Pasteur MSD) – Chair of National Vaccine Industry Coordination Working Group
  • Bram Palache (Solvay Biologicals) – co-chair of Influenza Working Group
  • Klaus Stohr (Novartis) – Chair of Influenza Working Group

EVM Working Groups focus on various aspects of vaccine-related issues, including influenza.