Influenza Pandemic Preparedness: A Commitment by European Vaccine Manufacturers (EVM)

EVM is unwavering in its commitment to global public health and addressing the formidable challenges presented by the ever-present threat of an influenza pandemic on a global scale. Such a pandemic represents a grave risk to the general population and a substantial challenge to public health authorities and the vaccine industry. This challenge encompasses aspects spanning research and development, marketing authorization, and production capacity.

Manufacturers of influenza vaccines located within the EU territory, including France, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, and Italy, collectively contribute to a staggering 70% of worldwide influenza vaccine production. A significant proportion of this production, accounting for 50%, is distributed beyond the boundaries of the EU. This places Europe in a pivotal role, with a responsibility to ensure the equitable distribution of vaccines on a global scale.

EVM has conducted a Lunch Workshop titled “How to provide sufficient influenza pandemic vaccines in time?” in Brussels on January 10, 2006, which aimed to address this critical concern.

The following resources and initiatives have been undertaken by EVM to advance influenza pandemic preparedness:

  • Workshop Summary: A comprehensive overview of the insights and discussions from the workshop.
  • Backgrounder: Additional context and background information on the issue at hand.
  • Speakers’ Presentation: A compilation of presentations delivered by expert speakers during the workshop.
  • EVM Statement: A formal statement issued by EVM in anticipation of a European Parliament debate on the strategy against an Influenza Pandemic.
  • Proposal for an Action Plan: A detailed proposal developed collaboratively between European Vaccine Manufacturers (EVM) and Member States, with support from the European Commission.